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I just learned about the “Husband Stitch” a few days ago and i’m still fucking mortified. Women’s bodies do not exist for the pleasure of their boyfriends or husbands.

 Doctors who perform this procedure without the consent of the pregnant person are evil misogynists, undeserving of the privilege of working with pregnant women and other people.

Oh my god, nooooo.

If this is done incorrectly (and yes, I know someone this was done incorrectly to) it makes sex really uncomfortable, like realllly uncomfortable, and can require follow-up surgery to fix. The person I know who this was done to ended up with the, uh, outside getting the ‘husband stitch’ but the inside… not? So she ended up with a little ‘lip’ of tissue that would get seriously irritated during sex, and over a decade later had to have another doctor go back in and snip that ‘extra stitch’ open. 

Yes, it was that bad.

I would recommend reading this article and then reading Carmen Maria Machado’s The Husband Stich

An excerpt from the above article:

I was first introduced to the husband stitch in 2014, when a friend in medical school told me about a birth her classmate observed. After the baby was delivered, the doctor said to the woman’s husband, “Don’t worry, I’ll sew her up nice and tight for you,” and the two men laughed while the woman lay between them, covered in her own and her baby’s blood and feces. The story terrified me, the laughter in particular, signaling some understanding of wrongdoing, some sheepishness in doing it anyway. The helplessness of the woman, her body being altered without her consent by two people she has to trust: her partner, her doctor.

So many people don’t even know what this is. The Wikipedia article on the husband stitch was published this month. 

Dear Women,

Men hate you.
Your body is nothing but a series of holes men wish to penetrate and fill with their hatred.

Shut up cunt, we only hate ignorant fucks who in turn hate us like you

“I don’t hate women, you cunt!”

Sure, cool cool cool.

Adding this to the always growing list of reasons to not have children.

What in thee whole entire hell???

Now I Really Ain’t Having No Damn Babies What The Entire Fuck

I’m posting this as a way of warning. If you choose to have children, please, please, please, PLEASE have someone there to vouch for you to opt out of this, as I saw on another version of this post. DO NOT let them mutilate your body like this, please!

Wow wtf…


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