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I’ve been saying this shit since I was a teen 

When I was in high school, we had to shut down for a week because like 90% of the student body got the flu at the same time since we all came to school, regardless of being sick (our school had a thing where if you missed two days or less all year, you could waive 3 finals - so kids were still attending even though they probably should have been hospitalized)

This reminds me of my high school and their attendance policy.

Basically, if you missed more than 3 days excused or unexcused you couldn’t exempt finals. Period. No questions asked.

So students would come to school with strep and just not go home. So any sickness in school would be spread quickly. Teachers got sick a lot and had to call a bunch of subs. It got so bad the school director sent an email to students and parents asking anyone sick to stay home.

Students of course said fuck that and we all agreed to send the same email basically saying “you put this fucking policy in place, your gonna suffer with us.”

why do we want to live in the U S again? To give our kids the unique opportunity to die of a stupid flu.

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