adteachings: Here’s a much-awarded billboard from 2009 that...


Here’s a much-awarded billboard from 2009 that shows us the value of going after assignments that don’t seem to hold much opportunity.

It may be that the agency had the idea and then sought out two billboards beside each other to make it work. But in my experience, that’s not how it usually happens. Usually, the account guy comes in complaining about the idiotic media buy, and then apologizes to us for having to fill it. And then, especially if you’re swamped, the temptation will be to blow it out the door so that you can get on to bigger and better things. The default way of filling two boards would probably be to put a big burger and logo on the left board and the arrow and the distance on the right. And with that, you have outdoor creative that says nothing more than “McDonald’s this way.”

But here, we’re seeing work that goes way beyond the ask to say something witty about the can’t-wait feelings of people who love their McDonald’s. The team delivered for the client, and also for their own careers.

There are countless stories of juniors who launched to fame on assignments nobody else wanted. As a trick of the mind, it’s important to look for the potential in even the tiniest and nastiest assignments. It’s really not unlike keeping muscles trained for strength and endurance; if you save your creative energy for only the biggest and best assignments, you might find you don’t have it when they finally come.

Agency: DDB, Copenhagen

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