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fatboysfinishlast: cookies and milk 


cookies and milk 

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nostalgics:  (by mina_milk)

Ever poured yourself a glass of milk and thought ‘Holy...

Ever poured yourself a glass of milk and thought ‘Holy shit. If there was some way I could freeze the way that just fell into the glass it’d make the most unreal vase…’

Neither have I.

But someone else has. 

Supabold is a project that associates objects with the object itself. Which makes it ironic. Or something.

Look, I haven’t been dropping acid or smoking dope so I can’t use impressively artsy sentences to explain ze concept like zey did… but basically they pour water into a vase and then make the shape of the water into a vase.

Get it?

Got it?

Not really?

Whatever. Check it out here and you will: http://www.supabold.com/

However wanky it sounds, it looks pretty cool. And you can design your own by using a program that adjusts the amount and height of water dropped, and the shape it’s dropped into.

Then you cut off your left arm, sacrifice your first born and hand over a wad money you really needed for medicine and food - and you get your vase.

I’m joking about the left arm and baby thing obviously. But it will cost you a pretty penny. So make sure you bloody well like it.

See original: Tumblr Ever poured yourself a glass of milk and thought ‘Holy...

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