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Ever poured yourself a glass of milk and thought ‘Holy shit. If there was some way I could freeze the way that just fell into the glass it’d make the most unreal vase…’

Neither have I.

But someone else has. 

Supabold is a project that associates objects with the object itself. Which makes it ironic. Or something.

Look, I haven’t been dropping acid or smoking dope so I can’t use impressively artsy sentences to explain ze concept like zey did… but basically they pour water into a vase and then make the shape of the water into a vase.

Get it?

Got it?

Not really?

Whatever. Check it out here and you will: http://www.supabold.com/

However wanky it sounds, it looks pretty cool. And you can design your own by using a program that adjusts the amount and height of water dropped, and the shape it’s dropped into.

Then you cut off your left arm, sacrifice your first born and hand over a wad money you really needed for medicine and food - and you get your vase.

I’m joking about the left arm and baby thing obviously. But it will cost you a pretty penny. So make sure you bloody well like it.

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Now this is the kind of card that I’d want for Valentine’s Day. Or any old day.

Cards from: http://www.55his.com/


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Been checking out realist painter, Simon Hennessey, very quickly before dashing off to our work party.

You should do.

His shit is incredible, fo real yo.

Click on the image to go to his website.

What will you have to listen to this Christmas?

A. Your mother in law?

B. A run down of your Aunt Sadie’s hip surgery?

C. Your neighbors drunken rendition of ‘Silent Night’ at 3am?

WRONG. This year tune out with your very own bluePod.

This year Sam and I did the Christmas presents for The Blue Group. We gave our clients blue iPod shuffles, with their very own personalised engraving on the back. 

We also made a CD full of blue tunes that they could download off the web.

Enjoyed by all we’re hoping. We’ve already had some great feedback. 


Made this guy in modo. I thought he should serve a higher purpose (like advertising Tumblr Tuesday).

She’s a calm type of driver, my Mother. 

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Whether you need a creative way to track your period so you know when you’ll morph into a creature not known to this world, or you want to spend a moment to reflect on your day - this playful calendar allows you to do just that. 

Using colours or icons, it’s yours to create an overview of your year.

Joy, love, tears, success… you colour in/draw on the trees and houses to represent what happened that day. 

Gone are your tear stained diary entries of bad days and the love-heart-bordered name of your crush.

Posters dude.

It’s all about posters. 

Click on the image or visit http://calendar.linosso.com/ to buy yours. 

Paperclip typeface. Designed by me.