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chamber of secrets au where fred and george steal ginny’s diary bc “haha ginny why are you keeping a diary omg its old and blank” and they just start drawing dicks in it and then the dicks fade off the paper and fred and george just look at each other and go “omg infinite dicks” so they draw dicks on it all year until the diary literally ink vomits itself to death bc tom riddle cant handle the dicks anymore and no one ever opened the chamber of secrets and fred and george destroyed the very first horcrux the end


Stellar Drawings Selected as Winners of WAF’s Inaugural Architecture Drawing Prize

The World Architecture Festival has announced the winner of the their inaugural Architecture Drawing Prize, established to recognize the “continuing importance of hand drawing, whilst also embracing the creative use of digitally produced renderings.” From 166 entries from architects, designers and students across the globe, 38 of the best drawings were shortlisted within three categories: Digital, Hand-drawn, and Hybrid. 

This year, the overall winner was Momento Mori: a Peckham Hospice Care Home by Jerome Xin Hao Ng (top image), produced as part of Ng’s final diploma project at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.







Everyone IN NY should read this

Everyone who wants to come to NY should read this

Everyone should read this if you’re thinking about NY in any way, shape or form.

Everyone should fucking read this

This is not just NY. Basics for every big, busy city etc.






Bears playing with a balloon.

Was bummed out this morning, but then i saw this. Now i can’t stop smiling.

These bears are big as shit

How tf did that balloon not pop

When he gets up and waddles after it!!!!!!








It is an unspoken rule that if a little kid is hiding under a blanket or couch cushions, you are required to comment on how lumpy the blanket is and pretend to sit on it to try and “smooth it out.”

Also, if you’re playing hide-and-seek with them, it is critical that you search every other possible (and impossible) hiding spot, all the while wondering out loud how they managed to disappear just like magic, before walking right past their hiding spot.

And if a baby starts playing peekaboo you are required to act surprised when they show their face again

If a kid hands you a phone, you answer it

If a kid shoots you with a Nerf Gun you are supposed to Die a dramatic death and explain “ugh you shot me blaahh”

when you push a kid on the swings ya gotta do the woosh

I literally just blocked about a dozen people on this post for being cranky about children.

Being a joyless shitbeast to kids isn’t cool. They’re kids. If you want to be Oscar the Grouch, that’s fine, but do it in a way they understand and explain it to them.

“I don’t want to play, I’m grumpy. Thank you, though, that was kind.”

It’s literally not hard. Kids are small people. Treat them with common fucking decency.



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