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The prosecutor who subpoenaed and cross-examined Hitler in 1931 for a murder trial against four brownshirts was a Jewish lawyer named Hans Litten. The three-hour testimony left Hitler so unnerved and humiliated that he forbade anyone speak Litten’s name in his presence, and he was killed in a concentration camp. Today, the German bar association is called the Hans Litten Association, and every year they give out the Hans Litten Award for excellence in the legal profession. That’s how you commemorate history. 


Hey so in the wake of what’s happening in Charlottlesville, your friendly neighbourhood historian is here to remind you that

  • the enormous majority of American citizens didn’t want to join the fighting in the second world war

  • for years Americans didn’t care that people (Jews) were being massacred

  • Hitler was doing all kinds of anti-Jewish shit for about six years before the war even started and the American government’s official response was basically 


  • in 1939, the United States denied entry to 900 Jewish refugees. The boat had to turn back to Europe, and many of these people subsequently died in the Holocaust 
  • in 1941, even though the State Department knew what was happening in concentration camps, the American government made it’s immigration policies stricter so that it was harder for fleeing refugees to find safety on American soil
  • it was only after an attack on American soil (Pearl Harbor) happened that Americans finally entered the conflict (the epitome of “I only care about a thing if it directly affects my life” and 70 years later nothing has changed)

  • it is largely believed in America today that they “won the war” when, if we’re being historically accurate, what they did was show up halfway through to tie up loose ends and then take credit for what Russia had been working towards for three years. America was basically The Vulture from Brooklyn Nine Nine. The job was almost done, and they swooped in at the last minute, did the bare minimum, and then took credit for the whole thing

tldr: America has always been, and continues to be, enormously anti-Semitic. Condemn what’s happening in Charlottlesville because it’s horrible and wrong, but don’t let uninformed people use World War 2 as proof that America isn’t an anti-Semitic place. Jewish people are by far the most persecuted population globally and historically and no country has ever done enough to stop this from continuing into 2017. 


Working from home

SUBMISSION: Adam Hillman, Cream of the Crop, 2017


50ft statue “dignity” went up in south dakota this week to honor the lakota and the dakota tribes that are indigenous to that area.

July 1935: A group of girls lie down in star formation to sunbathe on the beach at Havre des Pas. 

via Weather.com (Fox Photos/Getty Images)