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The Stupidsphere continues to deliver precisely what’s expected.

Shel Silverstein.


Sophie Scholl’s last words: 

“How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to a righteous cause? Such a fine sunny day, and I have to go, but what does my death matter, if through us thousands of people are awakened and stirred to action?”


Bowser giving me his thoughts on the Frida piece.





This is important to remember.
While Freud played a crucial role in the development of modern psychology and therapy, his theories were all untestable at best and rampagingly sexist at worst. He had absolutely no empirical data and his theories, while very thought out, are complete bullshit.
It is good to learn about him and his theories to have a basis for understanding modern psychology, but under no circumstances should his work be applied to anything beyond a historical and academic perspective.

I am so thankful for this post







I did not know that in 7 states in America, you can carry out an abortion the day before you give birth (allows abortion at any time). That’s so fucking disgusting. And other states allow abortion up to 28 weeks. That’s not a ball of cells no more, that’s a damn baby. It’s good that abortion is legal but not the fucking late into the pregnancy

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This giant Frida Kahlo piece is complete! Here’s a time lapse of my assistant and I doing the final touch ups and getting her up on the wall.





I’d like to thank my friend Avistew Teague for translating this!

So important.

This is so well done!

For anyone out there who is uncomfortable labeling themselves as a feminist, I ask you to take a second to read this and ask yourself if you agree with all of these points. If you do, congratulations! You’re a feminist!

And that’s a good thing! Feminists want everyone to be treated with the same dignity and respect, want everyone to have the same opportunities and chances in life, want everyone to be safe, happy and healthy, in control of their own bodies, able to access necessary healthcare and educational opportunities: to be equal.

Feminist is not a bad word.

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Shit. Le Pen has stepped down as leader of the far right National Front party to “bring the country together” and “focus on seeking the presidency”. Do not fall for this France. Don’t. She’s a facist that’s now masquerading as a centralist. Do not be fooled. A vote for her is a vote for someone who will impliment the ideologies of Trump and Putin. Don’t trust her. Don’t give her power. Don’t vote for Marine Le Pen.

Can someone please translate this into French.

That is EXACTLY what I thought when I heard she stepped down. ;(


We all have 2 minutes to live but taking a breath resets that clock