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“Home is not where you were born; home is where all your attempts to escape cease.”


Naguib Mahfouz

original: “وطن المرء ليس مكان ولادته و لكنه المكان الذي تنتهي فيه كل محاولاته للهروب”

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New color variation of “Just Like In The Movies” heading out to its new home 15"x15" 729 pegs.


I took an artwork commission from a client I had worked
for before and hadn’t had any troubles with. 

This time was different. 

They wanted a drawing of their role-playing character with their face turned down in sharp profile.

I sent a sketch. 

Client: It’s perfect!

I sent linework. 

Client: It’s perfect!

I did the color, and sent a final version.

Client: It’s not perfect.

Me: What’s the issue?

Client: Can you open his eyes?

Me: This is something you should
have brought up at the sketch or line stages. I can open his eyes but they
probably wouldn’t be visible anyway because of the angle.

Client: Well, I can’t even recognize him now.

The sketch was in 350 dpi and very clear. The linework was VERY crisp. I have no idea why they waited this long to make a criticism. 

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?


As the US government ramps up its insistence that visitors (and US citizens) unlock their devices and provide their social media accounts, the solution have run the gamut from extreme technological caution, abandoning mobile devices while traveling, or asking the government to rethink its policy. But Maciej Cegłowski has another solution: a “travel mode” for our social media accounts.

Here’s the crux: “We don’t take our other valuables with us when we travel—we leave the important stuff at home, or in a safe place. But Facebook and Google don’t give us similar control over our valuable data. With these online services, it’s all or nothing.”

Cegłowski’s proposal is for a timed “trip mode” during which our social media only allows us to access a few days’ worth of material. It would be irrevocable, so you couldn’t be ordered to disable it during a border crossing.

Google already does this, but only for googlers. The Google employees I know who travel to China say that when they go abroad, their managers and IT support arrange to constrain their accounts, so they can only see a subset of their email and access a subset of Google’s internal servers while traveling, typically with an otherwise blank Chromebook that is dropped in a shredder when they return to the USA.

Cegłowski is right that telling people to maintain monotonically perfect operational security is unrealistic; he’s right that being able to afford travel doesn’t mean you’re able to afford a spare laptop and phone; he’s right that lying to border guards is a radioactively bad idea; and that doing nothing potentially puts your friends and loved ones at risk. He discounts (seemingly out of hand) the possibility of putting curbs on government intrusion, possibly because fixing this in the USA still leaves us vulnerable at other countries’ borders – but of course, other countries often take their lead from the US in these matters.

Google already has internal procedures to protect its trade secrets while its employees travel – getting these measures in place for all of us would only be for the good. And as Cegłowski says, “If you want to put an always-on microphone in my home, then protect me at the border.”


Marja de Sanctis


Daniel Segrove, Illustrations.

Mysterious and compelling mixed media illustrations by artist Daniel Segrove.

Don’t miss Supersonic Art on Instagram!

Be sure to check out more of Daniel’s work below:

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Well, according to Ezekiel 1 they might look something like this…

According to Daniel 10 something like this…

According to Isaiah 6…

In Ezekiel 10… 

Again in Ezekiel 10…

Basically, when the people writing Scripture tried to describe what they saw when they saw an angel… they run into the end of their imagination… they can never quite seem to fully explain it because they had trouble even comprehending what they saw, let alone being able to describe it to someone else.