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Painting a small batch of this green shade today. Love how vibrant the color is.

Submission: I took this rose apart

Kenji, Akira & Enzo Organized Neatly.

Photographed by: Cordell Murray - www.stayalivestudio.com

Every morning when they commute to school, Kenji sits Akira on the back of his cargo bike & Enzo rides alongside Kenji through the streets of Park Slope. Kenji than hooks Enzo’s bike to the back of his cargo bike and heads into his day job. Than they do everything again later in the afternoon when school is over.

React Conf 2017: Day 1










Charming. Absolutely charming.


“Keep Idaho White.” 

Yeah, like I’m in such a rush to get my Jewish South Asian ass to Idaho

Nazis are a fucking trip.


Truly they have caught on to our desperate effort to take over… wait for it…. IDAHO. 

Honestly can you imagine? 

Yeah somehow that’s not on my list of priorities at the moment EITHER, but… the whole fly-over rhetoric has given Idaho (and places like it) a free pass to let kids pass this sort of shit around. We should all be holding them to a higher standard.

Idaho has a history of Nazis. My family actually saw some get in a car accident in the woods. They ended up trying to escape the cops and I hope got in a lot of legal trouble and had their kid taken away. I am once again ashamed of my state.

I’m from Washington (which is next to Idaho for those that don’t know), but my parents are from Idaho and its literally jarring how big the difference is between Idaho and Washington, culturally. Not to say we don’t have racism or conservatives, especially in the dry plateau (because conservatives love flatness and dust for some reason?)

But like, Washington is a liberal state through and through, for one thing. And Idaho is literally the North’s nexus of Nazism, for some reason.

But even just being in a big city in Idaho/Montana feels VERY different than being in a big city in Washington/Oregon. Racism and white methhead trash literally drips from Idaho and Montana, my family always called Idaho the “armpit of America” and that’s pretty accurate.

Moral of the story? If you come to the Northwest, avoid Idaho and Montana unless you want to be disgusted and most likely assaulted by a guy named Mike wearing a Harley Davidson hat with cum stains on it.

It’s amazing that white people colonized a country, murdered millions of its current residents, brought millions more over to do their labor and now us children of those atrocities have to avoid entire states cause white people still cannot get a fucking grip.

I can actually explain why Idaho is like that.

In the 80s there was something called the Northwest Territorial Imperative in which white nationalists wanted to mass migrate to the northwest to establish an “Aryan nation”. 

But they eventually ran into a problem with the fact that Washington is full of people who won’t put up with that shit. According to some of my family in the northeast of the state (which is very rural) they chased out the klan some time in the late 80s and there used to be an ARA in Spokane as well.

Idaho hasn’t managed to put them out though and the State has tons of Nazi compounds and KKK activity.

This also coincides with another movement of the “American Redoubt”


Which is where white supremacists want to retreat to when the “global catastrophe” that they predict finally happens. It’s not a coincidence that the “National Policy Institute” (Dick Spencer’s org) is in Montana.

I am, btw, extremely angry about this because their little shit square includes my home town.

ASTs for Beginners at Clevertech

“The Abstract Syntax Tree. It sounds a lot worse than it is. It’s actually quite simple and enables some powerful tools. BabelJS uses it to transform your code from ES.Next to ES5. ESLint uses it to lint your code. And with a knowledge of how it works, you can extend these and other tools to do some mind bustingly powerful things. Prepare to be amazed by ASTs!”


Dr. Ellen Ochoa on the Flight Deck of Shuttle Atlantis via NASA http://ift.tt/2mUXF97